Good afternoon,

today we prepared steamed vegetables with guacamole. I love steamed sweet potato with asparagus and broccoli. Steaming is such an amazing cooking method. Vegetables keep their nutrients and they taste delicious. Vitamins are easily destroyed when you cook with water for long periods of time, but steaming uses the steam from boiling water to cook your food.  So it not only tastes better but also provides more nutrition.




today I felt like eating a stew and I decided to prepare curry sweet potato with carrots in tomato sauce. Before I put vegetables in a pot, I fry onion with garlic and then season it with my favourite spices for a flavour boost.  I think I use curry and turmeric for every dish I prepare (not joking). I love Indian food so much. Indian cooking uses spices like turmeric, ginger, curry and green chillies – all of them have medicinal values.

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Tofu with pumpkin and oyster mushrooms

Good afternoon foodies,

Yesterday André and I did the grocery shopping and found delicious pumpkin (Hello Halloween) and oyster mushrooms. We knew right away we’d be preparing these goodies for dinner. My boyfriend decided to take over the kitchen and cooked dinner for both of us. I was taking pictures and helping him with the cleaning (blogging life). :)


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