Simple tomato soup

Good afternoon,

today I decided to prepare a very simple tomato soup with vegetables and rice. Sometimes we like to eat light meals for dinner and soups are always a good idea. They are delicious and make your belly feel nice and cozy.

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Brazil nuts

Hello everybody,

every morning when I get up I go to the kitchen and eat my favourite Brazil nuts (max. 3 a day). There are amazing for the skin, weight loss and they boost heart health. These nuts improve the immune system and digestive process.

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Hello everybody,

sorry we’ve been away for such long period but now we are finally back to blogging with lots of delicious recipes and beautiful pictures.

When it comes to our plant-based adventure, we failed a couple of times during Christmas and afterwards as well. We visited our families in Norway and Portugal and we enjoyed our Mums food. Hehe.

Unfortunately, we started having skin issues again and we gained few extra kilos. We ate way too much meat and sweets since December. Now I finally got rid off all the bad food from the house and we’re ready to start fresh again. We’re excited to cook ¬†meat and dairy free and share it with you all.

Have a fabulous International Women’s Day and stay tuned,

Sara & André